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Moteefe is a social commerce platform providing a solution for users to sell customised products through social media – with our initial focus being on customising sweaters, tank-tops, t-shirts and hoodies – and with new products rolling out on a weekly basis. The idea is to allow you to build and monetise your online communities and create some really cool clothing and merchandise!

The key is that it’s only a short term ‘campaign’ initially – max. 3 weeks – so it shouldn’t impact other brands working with you (in fact, possibly the opposite!) and gives your audience some quality merchandise to purchase that’s limited edition and designed completely by you. The idea is to strengthen your relationship with your audience, you can make an unlimited amount of money (which all depends on how many items you sell) and we get to be creative over here at Moteefe HQ.

When uploading your design on, you can see how much profit you’ll make on each style and depending on how many sold. For example, 100 tshirts sold at a price of £12 can bag you over £500. That’s it – no catches!

A few examples:

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Moteefe allows bloggers and social media influencers to build their brand online with the help of limited edition customised clothing and merchandise ranges that can be sold directly to their social audiences via their blog and social media channels.

By monetising their fanbase with unique and one-off designs featuring anything from bold slogans to bright graphics, bloggers and social media influencers are able to build their social presence and reach out to the audience while creating cool custom-made clothing and merchandise designed by themselves or with the help of Moteefe’s in-house design team.

Profits are made based on number of sales so get designing, selling online and then sit back and relax while we package all post items out.

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