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Something Different on their Shoulders

We are a digital magazine and also a stylish clothing range that makes a statement. The designs we feature reference some of the biggest concerns in today’s society. We don’t shy away from controversy: our range tackles topics ranging from abortion to questions of sexual identity. Hard hitting issues that affect people everyday, right across the world. 

It’s not about taking sides. It’s about acknowledging that these issues can affect any of us any time, causing ordinary people to face extraordinary personal challenges. Society doesn’t always respond kindly when we’re faced with the big issues of life. That’s why we’ve created a way to show ongoing support for the biggest and hardest topics people face today. 

We commission inspiring artists and designers to create original images that reference major social concerns few people are prepared to discuss openly. We print our stylish designs onto high quality wearables to create clothing you can wear anytime and anyplace. What’s more, we give 25% of all proceeds to an appropriate charity which represents the cause the design highlights.

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